You are beautiful

It is a shame when women go out of their way to find fault with themselves. Most women are insecure with no good reason. 

More often than not, a woman's physical appearance plays a major role in affecting her confidence. It is amazing when you think about all the reasons women get so insecure. Someone has a paunch, someone has a few pimples, someone has a bad nose, someone has bad hair. Someone's breasts are too big, and someone's are too small. Someone is too fat, and someone is too thin. 

Not all overweight women are insecure. In fact, many love their bodies just the way they are, but there are many who are insecure for this reason. Similarly, a bad complexion does not bother Latha, but Mary's pimples are causing her to lose all her self-esteem. 

Stop for a moment and think about your looks. Your looks essentially are all about how you look to another person, so look at yourself through someone else's eyes. Think back to some other people you know, and figure out what would they be insecure about. You will discover you got it all wrong. You may wonder what Sarita has to be insecure about. If you must hazard a guess, you'd say she's not too happy with her curly hair. And then you discover she hates her nose. Her nose What's wrong with that?
Others don't notice it! 
Very often you will find that what upsets you the most about your looks is something that other people don't even notice. And if they do, they pay little attention to it. When conversing with Ravi, you may notice that he has a few pimples on his face, but within a few minutes of interesting conversation you forget all that and start noticing his nice smile, his great sense of humour or, if you are observant, his long eyelashes! 

It is a shame when women go out of their way to find fault with themselves. True, certain severe things may cause you to be troubled, but most women are insecure with no good reason. 

Observe your behaviour at a get-together. Your eyes will be drawn towards good-looking people first. So, give your positive features importance, and enhance them with makeup. Draw attention to your beautiful eyes or lips, and no one's going to notice your large hips, your fat fingers, or whatever you are insecure about. 
No one is perfect 
If you are overweight, people that are slim may catch your eye, but a slim person may not even notice who is overweight or not she may be more into observing people's noses, because she thinks she has a bad one. While you envy her her figure, she may envy you your lovely perky nose. 
Remember this 
No one notices much about others, unless they are very, very beautiful or very, very ugly. 90 percent of the people fall in between and spend most of their time worrying about little things that impact no one. 

Something may trouble you today, and when it's mended, you will find something else to be insecure about. It's like getting a new job. When you get one, you're the happiest person, for around a month. After that you start noticing the politics, your bad boss, the bad working hours, and start dreaming about another, better job. The difference is that moving on to a better job is constructive, but feeling insecure because of your little flaws is destructive. Often, it is these flaws that enhance your sex appeal and add to your personality and character, so tell yourself that you wouldn't change them for the world. Accept them, and love yourself.

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