Sex as a Bargaining Tool

Truth is sometimes hard to digest and the hardest of the truths come out as jokes in life. I have also got my mobile filled with such jokes recently.
Examples- "Scientists have discovered a food that diminishes a woman's sex urge by 90%. It is called wedding cake !"
            "Wives are funny creatures ! A wife doesn't do sex to her husband & also wants to kill the woman (who ever else) does it to her husband !"
            I wondered if sex is only important for men. No, I was wrong. I have seen in an interview- a woman was telling that sex is as much important for women as it is for men. When read the crime reporter, I found lots of women are committing adultery. So, it is proved beyond doubt that sex is also important for women.
            But there is a difference. Sex is important for men and women know it. So, she can use it as a bargaining tool to get something out of her male partner for doing sex to him. Sex is not free for men. He has to pay for it. A man has to pay money to a prostitute for enjoying sex with her. Even a man has to provide financial assistance & social security to his wife and then only he gets the opportunity to enjoy sex with his wife. With the increasing number of men complaining their respective wives not taking interest on sex only means women use sex as a bargaining tool because they are fully aware that sex is important for their men. So, she can demand something in exchange of sex.
            On the other hand, men can't use sex as a bargaining tool because they are often ready to give it to women very easily. Women also seem to know it very well that they will get sex easily by their respective men.

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