Editor's Review-CodeTwo Public Folders

CodeTwo Public Folders is the software can turns your Microsoft outlook into a real work-group tool. So obvious as its name, users can share outlook calendar, contacts, emails, tasks and even office docs with others. In other words, you can publish and share data in the network.

We have to admit one fact that shareware will provide you more than freeware. Shareware can be like a person who are patient, considerable and totally worth it looks like.

To make emails intelligent is the growing trend in this high-tech world. People do not have plenty of time to find their specific date schedule on by one or manage their email box once and again. CodeTwo Public Folders is the dominant helper that can realize all you want and need. We can no t be attracted by its little mark for its clean and professional feel and kind of business.

Clients will get a document after the installation. And we have to say that the installation procedure is fairly short. Conversely, people might find it time-consuming for some freeware. CodeTwo Public Folders is the add-in for Microsoft outlook and other is synchronization. You must choose one or both items to install. And outlook will start automatically after your installation. You can try your new software right away. The design of function list can be considered as a breakthrough for its comprehensiveness. This software involves types of categories even junk mail.

CodeTwo Public Folders is remarkable for its data sharing function and more significant is that you get all this without the need to buy expensive and complicated exchange server. What's more, it is very easily acceptive to us for its brief and simple design. Users can even immediately start using outlook for group work without wasting time for learning a new interface. One feature deserves to be mentioned is "30 Projects" that contains 9 categories which are Preparation-briefing, 3 phases of the project, Quality control, Tests, Field Tests, Debriefing and Read Me. And every item all has the reminding function.

To the whole team group, CodeTwo Public Folders is so convenient to devote one folder to as a notice board to post various notices, information and make it available to all employees. Moreover, Library Folder that contains a storage of files on your network drive available for coworkers. It's supposed to be more convenient for you to keep different file formats in public folder since you are often used in correspondence with your business partners an customers which is carries out via outlook of course.

CodeTwo is like your jack-of-all-trades who can deal with every little detail you want. And you can create, edit and delete folders and items of any type(Emails, contacts, calendars, tasks and documents) at the same time. Changes made by one user are immediately synchronized in real-time and are made visible for the rest of users on other computers in your network which allows real teamwork.

Our editors use ProTec contacts and suggested contacts which bring us lots of help often. You can also check out other users' folder. Certainly, users can change all the names of these folders as you like.


Our editors have to admit one fact that CodeTwo Public Folders is one powerful and professional software which is totally worth its price. And we think it is more suitable for the managers, team group and enterprises. Furthermore, we firmly believe CodeTwo Public Folders will bring you a lot of help and opportunities in your business field.


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