A New Hotfix of Win7 will support the hard disk larger than 2TB

Recently, Microsoft has launched a new hotfix to complete the support to the hard disk larger than 2TB when the computer is running Windows7 or Windows Server 2008 R2. If you have this configuration and your operating system saves dump files to one of your hard disks, when the system crashes, you will see a Stop Code Error. Under this situation one or more hard disk will be damaged. What's more, you may lose your data.

In addition, when the computer is in a sleep mode and generates Hiberfile.sys, the problem mentioned above may also occor.More seriously, if the corrupted hard disk includes system partition,you can not start the computer again. Microsoft says, the problem is about the limitation of crash dump disk driver. The Diskdump.sys can address up to 2 to the power of 32 sectors, which is 2TB. If the hard disk space, in practise, is larger than 2TB, the driver will truncates the offset and save the data in a wrong location. That will lead to the corruption of one or more hard disks.

The number of this hotfix is KB2249857. It applies to Windows7 and the different versions of Windows Server 2008R2. After installation, the version of Diskdumy.sys will update from 6.1.7600 to 6.1.7600.20753.As a practice, this kind of hotfix will not be released publicly. It will be integrated in SP sometime. If you are in this trouble, you can ask Microsoft for help.


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