Topless Feminists Protest 'Win a Wife' Competition

A Ukrainian feminist group turned up topless to protest a controversial New Zealand 'Win a Wife' competition that offer Ukraine ladies in prize.

The Rock FM radio station ran the competition offering a 12-night trip- along with 2000 dollars spending money - to Ukraine, reports

The competition was organized by a bride agency, Endless Love Agency, which says on its website it offers "beautiful genuine Ukraine ladies looking for love and marriage with Kiwi men".

A winemaker named Greg was the winner and he is due in the Ukraine mining town of Donetsk later this month before also visiting another town called Zaporizhia.

The prize does not include travel for the Ukraine woman to come to New Zealand.

Activists from the Femen group, which uses stripping as a shock tactic, braved wintry temperatures in central Kiev, holding banners with slogans such as "Ukraine is not a brothel".

It was reported that Femen's members wear little but flower garlands for frequent protests against Ukraine's sex industry and targeting of Ukrainian women by international agencies that organize sex tours.

"Femen warns the lucky winner of the New Zealand competition that he can expect an unhappy ending in Ukraine," activist Olexandra Shevchenko said in a statement on the movement's blog.

"Ukraine is not a brothel and Ukrainian women are not prostitutes," she said.

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