DEBATE: Do you think its OK to have pre marital sex?

Hey SBF-ites! Time for a new competition! And this time its going to be a debate.

The TOPIC: Do you think its OK to have pre marital sex?


1. Give your views in not more than 50-75 words

2. DO NOT cut, copy paste from the net. If we find that this has been done, we will disqualify the participant.

3. If the winning entry is found to be picked up from the net, even THAT will be disqualified.

4. No offensive language or content please!

5. Only one entry per person.

6. You are NOT allowed to get into personal debates or ego hassles on this threads. If that happens, both parties will be infracted!

7. The judge's decision will be final!

So GO for it...what are you waiting for? Results will be declared on next Friday!

The winner gets the siggy.

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